50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Campaign

$1,610,178 raised during anniversary campaign
raised during
anniversary campaign

50 years ago the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation was established. Monies collected have been carefully invested and annual income of those investments has been donated to charitable causes each year. Millions of dollars  have been donated since its inception to help Solve the Puzzles of the Mind with the focus on funding research into Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the aging population, Autism and Dyslexia in children and the start-up of Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia.

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and to further the financial capability of our endeavours, we have initiated a One Million Dollar Capital Endowment Campaign. Monies can be contributed to either the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation or a specific Learning Centre, or to both. Monies contributed will go directly to the Capital Endowment Fund of your choice, which means that the capital will be invested and that only the earnings of that capital will be used. This will leave an ongoing legacy on your behalf.

The thermometer to the left marks the amazing total of $1,610,178 raised during the capital campaign.

Many thanks to all of our donors in helping us achieve this remarkable milestone in the Foundation’s history.

50th Anniversary Video

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation – 50th Anniversary from Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation on Vimeo.