Background of the Foundation

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada is a private charitable Foundation registered with Revenue Canada under Letters Patent of Incorporation (1964), funded by donations and bequests from the members of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada. The Foundation labours for the benefit of all Canadians, regardless of race or creed. Over the years millions of dollars have been disbursed to assist dedicated researchers in a search for the causes and cure of cognitive impairment. The Foundation is governed by the Officers and Directors.

CRA Charitable Number: 119253466RR0001.

The Work of the Foundation

The aim of the Foundation as listed in the Letters Patent is to “make grants for charitable purposes to any educational or other charitable organizations, which carries on its work solely within Canada”.

The Foundation has been, since its conception, and continues to be, an example of benevolence without ostentation and assistance without self-interest.

From its incorporation, the Foundation has concentrated its efforts in support of research into the causes of and hopefully, the eventual cure of cognitive impairment, especially as it affects children and persons of advanced years in the form of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Foundation concentrates its assistance in focused areas of research into the causes of cognitive impairment. Research grants support research into the causes of the disease as opposed to active treatment or palliative care.

The Scottish Rite Foundation Logo

The Scottish Rite Foundation Logo

The logo of the Scottish Rite Foundation combines two elements: the Masonic triangle and a maze containing a stylized human form. The triangle is a symbol of the Deity used around the world. The maze symbolizes the complex road to unravelling the puzzles of cognitive impairment. The stylized human at the end of the maze suggests the perfectibility of humankind.

The Grants and Awards Programme

The Grants and Awards Committee of the Foundation annually approves the awarding of over $480,000 in major research grants in support of studies relating to intellectual impairment. The Awards Program focuses its funding on approximately 12 Research Grants of $40,000 per year for up to 3 years to support Biomedical research into Puzzles of the Mind especially as it affects children and the causes and cure of Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

For more detailed information and the application form for the Major Grant Program click on the link.

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centres for Children

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada Learning centres for children

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation developed its Learning Centres program based on the long and successful experience of the US Scottish Rite jurisdictions, where over 200 Centres are now in operation. The Canadian program is based on the one in the Rite’s Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, which addressed the remedial tutoring of children with dyslexia. For more information on this program just click on the following link to be taken to the Learning Centres.

Officers and Directors 2022-2023


PresidentGareth R. Taylor
Vice-PresidentRichard E. Jones
SecretaryJohn G.I. Lark
TreasurerJames G. Vasko


Joseph F. AngelDavid A. BennettWilliam R. Cave
Gary R. CayenMark S. DurantJohn M. Forster
Richard E. JonesStephen M. KennardJohn G.I. Lark
Jacques G. RuellandGareth R. TaylorJames G. Vasko
Thomas E. Wills

Director Emeritus

Harold E. Crosby

Appointed Officers

Assistant SecretarySteven E. Warren
Assistant TreasurerTBA

50th Anniversary Campaign

$1,610,178 raised during anniversary campaign
$1,610,178 raised during
anniversary campaign

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation was established was established in 1964. Monies collected have been carefully invested and the annual income of those investments has been donated to charitable causes each year. Millions of dollars have been donated since its inception to help Solve the Puzzles of the Mind with the focus on funding research into Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the aging population, Autism and Dyslexia in children, and the start-up of Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia.

In 2014, to help celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and to further the financial capability of our endeavours, we initiated a One Million Dollar Capital Endowment Campaign. The $1 Million fundraising team led by Sydney R. (Skip) Whiteley included the following members: Donald D. Thornton, James Finch, Allard B. Loopstra, Terry A. McLean, Marvin Munro, James Ross, Duncan S. Skinner, John Slessor, Alan J. Stoddart, James Sutherland, Gareth R. Taylor, Matthew Todd, and Robert Townshend. The monies that were raised were contributed to either the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation or to the Learning Centres. When the campaign closed in 2015 an amazing $1,610,178 had been raised.

The SRCF is also indebted to D. Garry Dowling for his time and effort in the writing of the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada – Our History Volume Two (1985-2014). This edition is now available through the Foundation Office. This book is the companion volume to “The First Twenty Years” (1964-1984) written by Donald M. Fleming.

Many thanks to all of our donors for helping us achieve this remarkable milestone in the Foundation’s history.

50th Anniversary Video

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation – 50th Anniversary from Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation on Vimeo.